The need for madness

the need for madness in the Showbiz
The need for madness isn't a bliss
when you're supposed to have a wife
and eat with a fork and knife

the need for madness is just a fake
'cause madness just can't make
a genius out of a fool
that doesn't see there's surtain rools


Crazyness is a success
but not if you wanna play chess
and nobody realley wants to rage
like the dumbest fool that ever hit the stage
(like the dumbest blonde to hit the third page)

The need for madness is just a scam
but how come the devil has so many fans
looking beneath you see the audience more real
than the fluke that's singing 'bout the deal.

you know madness is for us all
please help those hitting the wall
but don't you ever idolize
the fact that some of them wins a prize



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